I've taken photographs for magazines, books, and websites. I've photographed Creatives in their natural habitats. I've photographed music events, gallery openings, workshops, book readings and I've shot video for on-line classes and for creative entrepreneurs. I love light. I love deep rich color. And I love grabbing the moment, before it passes.

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“A funny thing happened when I saw Stefanie's photos of me and my world; I suddenly understood myself. It was the darndest thing. Mostly I feel like a mad person running around wearing 100 hats and juggling a zillion balls. But Stefanie saw past all that and to the core of who I really am. When I saw the photos she took I understood, almost for the first time, what I do and how I work. I guess I had to see it to believe it. Stef is the psychic eye. She'll show you beautiful things about yourself that you didn't see. She's magic.” - Laurie Wagner